Our Vineyards

White Cat Vineyard

Cuda Ridge Wines sources Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon (Black Label, and Syrah from the White Cat Vineyard. White Cat Vineyard is located in the Crane Ridge area located in the Eastern side of Livermore off Greenville Road, across from the Poppy Hill Golf Course. Crane Ridge is in the foothills with rolling hills which are sunny from morning until dusk and have moderate winds in the afternoon. White Cat Vineyard only has two acres of Cabernet Franc which Cuda Ridge receives the full yield of approximately 4-5 tons/acre. This vineyard also had two acres of Malbec and Cuda Ridge received the full lot. One of the acres (old lot) was removed in 2018 due to the vines shutting down. There is also a small block (approximately one-third of an acre) of Syrah which Cuda Ridge began sourcing in 2015. And, Cuda Ridge sources 4-6 tons of Cabernet Sauvignon which goes into the New World Cabernet Sauvignon program. This vineyard produces a lighter style of Cabernet Franc, which winemaker Larry Dino prefers, with red fruit, lightly floral, and spice. The Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon fruit has bold, dark fruit, characteristics.

Galles Vineyard

Galles Vineyard is just North/East of Greenville and the Tesla intersection. The Galles vineyard is meticulously managed by the Galles family and pruned to a target yield of no more than 3 tons per acre. The Galles vineyard is located on a rolling hill with various elevations, the fruit on the higher elevations ripen sooner than on the valley floor. The fruit is usually picked on 2 or 3 dates to get the best flavors and chemistry (ph, TA, and Brix). The location gets high winds in the afternoon thus having a significant cooling of the grapes in the late afternoon which helps produce the complexity and finesse of this Bordeaux-style Cabernet.

Biczkow Vineyard

The Biczkow vineyard is a small family-owned vineyard on Buena Vista Road in the central part of the valley. This area is known for producing the highest quality Sangiovese in Livermore Valley. The Biczkow vineyard is a small, less than one-acre vineyard, that produces approximately 2 tons per year. The vineyard is meticulously managed, and the grape bunches are large, plump, and full!

Dino’s Home Vineyard

The Dino’s home vineyard is a very small vineyard of Merlot (50 vines) and Cabernet Sauvignon (75 vines) which is used for the single barrel lot of Bein-Amie’ each year. The vineyard is daily managed by the winemaker, Larry Dino, who does most of the viticulture maintenance of the vineyard. The vineyard was planted in 2003 by Larry, Margie, and the kids even gave a helping hand. The vineyard is located in the central part of Livermore Valley which is known for its very gravelly (rocky) soil. The soil is well draining and retains the heat, this is one of the earliest red varietal vineyards harvested in Livermore. Our beloved vineyard produces our beloved wine, Bien-Amie’.

Cuda Ridge Estate Vineyard

The Cuda Ridge estate vineyard is approximately a one-half-acre vineyard planted with Petit Verdot. The vineyard was planted in 2013 with the first harvest in 2015. The soil is red clay and retains water. The winemaker, Larry, with lots of help from the vineyard manager, Jose, oversees and meticulously maintains the vineyard. The early harvest of the fruit is producing a bold and earthy Petit Verdot.

Thatcher Bay Vineyard

The 2020 vintage was the first year that we produced our Merlot with Thatcher Bay fruit.  Thatcher Bay is located on the east side of Livermore at a high elevation.  The afternoon winds cool down the fruit to make this a moderately warm climate.   The Merlot thrives from the hot days, cooling evenings, and significantly cooler nights.   The trellis is overhead quadrilateral which provides ample shading of the grapes.

Mel Ranch Vineyard

The grapes come from Mel Ranch Vineyard on Tesla in the central part of Livermore Valley.

Insel Family Vineyard

The Insel Family Vineyard is the first vineyard to spur our Carménère program. Our first vintage from the Insel Family Vineyard was in 2018. The vineyard is located in Pleasanton, in the western portion of the Livermore Valley AVA.   Grown on the property are 369 certified Clone 6 vines on 110R rootstock using a modified VSP trellis.    The vineyard is flat with soil that is sandy Loam to loam. The vineyard was planted on May 31, 2014, with an initial harvest in 2018.

Little Dog  Vineyard

The second vineyard in our Carménère program is  Little Dog Vineyard. The vineyard is located on Mines Road in central Livermore Valley AVA.   The vineyard is comprised of 300 certified Clone 2 vines using modified VSP trellis.  It was planted in 2017 with an initial harvest in 2020

Casa De Viñas

Casa de Vinas vineyard marks the third vineyard for Cuda Ridge to exclusively source our Carménère. The vineyard sits in the Tesla District of Livermore Valley.