Our Collections

“Our fruit is sourced exclusively from the premier vineyards of Livermore Valley. We pride ourselves in producing wines with an Old World character, while highlighting the terroir of this world-class wine growing region called Livermore Valley.”
– Larry Dino, Winemaker

The Bordeaux Collection

Bordeaux France is known for producing some of the best wines in the world.  Our purple label series is our signature collection of wines produced in the Old World Bordeaux style. These wines tend to be more restrained with nicely balanced flavors, tannins, oak and alcohol. No one dimension is dominate and these wines are ideal for pairing with food.

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The Black Label Collection

Our black label collection are made up of non-Bordeaux style wines. In most cases these wines are non-Bordeaux varietals. In the case of the Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon, we consider this a New World Cabernet which is full bodied wine with bold fruit.

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The Reserve Collection

The Reserve Collection wines are micro level lots, one to two barrels, and are the winemaker’s selections of the best of the barrel lots. The Reserve Collection wines are initially released to our Connoisseur club members, and in many cases, are only available to the Connoisseurs due to the small quantities available.

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