The Bordeaux Collection

Our purple label series is our signature collection of wines produced in the Old World style. These wines tend to be more restrained with nicely balanced flavors, tannins, oak and alcohol. No one dimension is dominate and these wines are ideal for pairing with food.

2016 Semillon

Aged and barrel fermented in French Oak and Acacia wood. Barrel program is carefully balanced to bring out the fruit in this delicate wine. Aromas of orange peel, lanoline, and tropical fruit. Soft and balanced on the palate. A great wine with shell fish (craving for oysters).

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2016 Sauvignon Blanc

Cuda Ridge Sauvignon Blanc is done in old world style. The wine was fermented and aged in mostly stainless steel tank to give a refreshing and clean Sauvignon Blanc. This wine has bold acidity that provides a fresh cleansing of the palate filled with citrus including tangerine, cooked pineapple, lime, and white currant. This is a superb wine chilled and served on a hot summer day.

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